Bullock’s Warehouse Sale


IMG_0998 IMG_0997

I woke up this morning at seven when Carter shut the back door on her way to work at the barn. With Russ in Australia and Carter out all morning I had a big free block of time. I turned on the TV and while I was drinking my tea in Bed I saw a commercial for Bullock’s Warehouse sale of lamps and furniture in Rocky Mount. I am not one who normally shops at places that advertise on TV, and I don’t know if I have any friends who have ever been to this sale, but I thought, what the heck, let’s go.


I Googled the address and found it was an hour and a half away. Since I had driven back and forth to Raleigh in rush hour for the last two days it seemed like nothing on the empty Saturday morning roads. I have not been to Rocky Mount probably since I was a kid and we stopped at a Holiday Inn there on our way from Connecticut to Pawleys Island. It did not matter that I did not think much of it then since I was not planning on visiting the chamber of commerce and making a trip of this visit. Just one quick stop at the warehouse and back home again.


I am not much of a shopper. I really never just look. But when I need something I am like a navy seal with a mission. I have needed new lamps for our family room and have not liked anything I have seen in person. Buying lamps online makes me nervous because you just can’t tell until you pick it up.


When I pulled into the overflow parking lot and saw license plates from Maryland, and Arkansas I thought perhaps this was a more famous sale than I had given it credit for. I was early enough that there was still a shopping cart available, which turned out to be fortuitous. In the first row of many thousands of lamps I liked one, so I out it in my cart, then another in the cart, then a third. Now I had trouble pushing the cart because I had no sight beyond the end of my nose as lampshades blocked my vision.


I really wanted a pair and found one lamp with its twin on two different tables. Now I had way more lamps than one cart could hold. I reexamined two already in the cart and decided they were wrong. I still could not hold all three of these big lamps in in cart so I finagled another. Pushing two carts at once with no way to see in front of me I inched along so as not to run over any of the other shoppers.


I found two more lampshades for a pair of bedside table lamps and decided this was all my car could hold. I went to the lamp assembly table where a nice lady tightened up the lose sockets on the pair of lamps I had chosen. I tipped her a few dollars since they had tip jars.


Off to the check out where I had the nicest ladies pack my lamps in boxes as they charged me less than 25% of the retail price of my merchandise. Not only was I thrilled with my lamps, but they felt practically free. The drive was totally worth it. I tipped the man who put the boxes in my car double what I normally would of because I was sure with what they were making on the lamps they could not be paying him much.


The drive was easy and I was back in time to eat a salad for lunch at home so the trip did not even through me off my diet. Double bonus. No more shopping neede

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