Compression Suppression

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Well I have to say I am officially old. I’ve had to break down and get my veins fixed. I was able to ignore the tiny spider veins long enough thanks to self tanner, but then one day last year I noticed something more like a snake than a spider and I decided it was time to have them looked at. My friend Lindy is a vein doctor and owns Carolina Vein Clinic so I did not have to go through lots of research to figure out what to do, I just asked her.


Getting insurance to approve fixing my veins was a long process for my policy. I had to try compression socks for three months first to see if that “cured “ me. It did not. Then I had to find a period of time I was not flying any where for a long time because you are grounded right after each treatment for two weeks, and I need five treatments.


Then there is the compression apparel, not just socks, but thigh high stockings and shorts. When I am talking compression I mean like SPANX on steroids. I certainly did not want to get this treatment during the hot months when the last thing I want to do is wear an extra hot layer. That makes February about the only time to do this.


Last week was the first treatment and since it was on the back of my calf I only had to wear the knee high socks 24 hours a day for three days then only during the day after that. Sleeping in one tight sock is not easy, but other than that nothing hurt.


Today I had a more intense treatment in my thigh up to my groin. Nice. Lindy told me this would hurt more and that I needed to wear the thigh highs and the shorts together and if I had too much pain add the ace bandage I was given. Oh boy. Talk about sausage casings. I am hopeful I won’t have too much pain because the compression is tight enough that I have no feeling at all. At least one leg is nice a toasty warm.


I really wonder what sleeping is going to be like in all these things. This is when I really wish I still drank alcohol because I think that being totally blotto drunk is the only way I will not notice all this compression. Thank goodness Russ is in Australia for a lot of this. Having varicose veins is one thing, but wearing a nude colored compression stocking is the epitome of an OLD woman.

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