The Underwire Failure

If you are a man, you might want to just stop reading now. If you are a woman who wears an A or B cup bra, you too, may want to just stop reading now, that is unless you are an engineer looking to make a lot of money.
Here is my complaint. While wearing an underwire bra, and not that old a bra to boot, the underwire, suddenly pokes through the fabric encasing it and holding it the “under” the boob position thus riding up and poking you in the under arm. This wire coming out of its rightful position means the end of this bra’s life. 
There is virtually no way to make an underwire, that has created an escape route out of the channel of fabric holding it in place, to ever be kept in place again. There is no way to sew the hole it has created up in a strong enough way to make the bra reliable. And by reliable I mean not having the wire wiggle its way out and poke you at the worst possible moment, like while receiving communion, or shooting a free throw.
I noticed the tale tale sign of a delinquent wire in a bra on a person I know who was playing basketball. You can try and shove the wire back down, but any breasts that require a wire in the first place are going to be able to push an untethered wire out with no trouble.
Here is the engineering opportunity that the Sharks on Shark tank would be happy to fund; a sturdy underwire bra, that no matter how much running or bouncing the D cups or greater were doing the underwire would stay in place. It really shouldn’t be that hard to super reenforce the end point areas, but do bra manufacturers think to do this now? No! I think there are two dead underwire bras sitting in my laundry room right now. If it weren’t for the errant wire the bras would still be good.  
Now if you are a man or an A or B cup woman, and you are still reading, let me tell you that just removing both wires from the bra is not an option. That contraption was designed to only work with the scaffolding support of the wire. Take the metal out and you might as well be wearing a bib.
Now I’ve heard of planed obsolescence, you know where a manufacturer only makes a product last a limited amount of time so you are forced to replace it with a new one, thus ensuring the manufacturer future business, but underwire bras should last more that four months of partial use.  
Really it is a safety issue that OSHA should cover. A get away underwire, in the right situations under the right pressure, could easy fly out and blind someone. Perhaps Ralph Nader should get on this issue, you know we have safety belts thanks to him. If only he knew the potential dangers in the poor quality of underwire bras, never mind the potential emergency room visits by women with a wire sticking out of their under arm. Maybe Obama care would take this issue up. We could cut down on health care costs if the underwire would just stay in place.

One Comment on “The Underwire Failure”

  1. Donna Covington says:

    Oh, but there IS a way….Maybe i need to call shark tank. Thanks for that idea. I’ve been reading through bra patents trying to see if my idea is actually unique or if it already exists. I think if world probably be best suited as a repair/replacement kit for compromised underwires. It’s a thing i do to my own 38ddd bras when the wires go rogue and it works! Every time. No more poking through.

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