Stress Eater or Non-Eater

The other day I heard from an old friend who told me sad news of her divorce. As I was saying how sorry I was that she was having to go through that she responded that it was the best diet she had ever been on and that I should not feel badly for her, she finally got back to her junior high school weight. I told her as long as she did not get back to her junior high school hair style that was great. She said, “My stress was so bad I just couldn’t eat.”
On the opposite end I had a friend today, who had a very stressful fall and winter due to some business problems, tell me she could not stop eating all through the tumultuous period. I knew things had been hard, but I am happy that she is on the other side of it now.
I honestly believe there are two kinds of people. Those who eat their feelings and those who when the feelings are bad can’t eat. I can’t think of any situation that ever made me not be able to eat. Times are bad, I eat, time to celebrate let’s eat. Stress usually drove me right to sugar street.
I am sorry my friend got a divorce, but honestly while she was married she was always trying to lose twenty pounds. Her consolation is she lost the twenty, when the 200 pound husband also went. I am not advocating divorce as a diet, even if you are a stress non-eater. I just know that under the same circumstance I would gain fifty or maybe a hundred pounds. Lord, don’t let anything happen to Russ, I can’t afford a new fat wardrobe.
I wonder what makes people so different about food in stressful situations? Are there people who don’t change their eating habits at all when bad times hit? I guess there are people who drink more or do other destructive things when things get hard, but it seems to me that food, either eating too much or too little is common.
For now I am hoping for calm waters for all I know. Eating right in of itself is tough enough, we don’t need trouble to throw us off the path.

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