How Many Does a Pig Head Serve?

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After yesterday’s eating fest at the Chef and The Farmer in Kinston, Russ, our friends Chuck and Karen and I tried to slow things down a bit, but the morning meal at our Bed and Breakfast was another wonderful extravaganza. You would think that after all that eating the last thing we would want to do was talk about or shop for more food, but that we did.


Chuck and I are scheming up a plan about entering some cooking contests at the State Fair in October. This plan means we need to do a lot of testing of recipes and creating thematic stories that go along with them. One of the contests we are considering entering is the SPAM contest. Neither of us has much history cooking with SPAM, but why should that stop us.


To help further our education of pork in general we decided to stop at the Nahunta Pork Center that was only about ten miles out of our way on the way home from Kinston today. For as many years as I have lived here I have passed by the many bill boards on the road to the beach advertising “Largest Pork Display in the World” and wanted to know what in the world a pork display was. Luckily Chuck and Karen also were interested in visiting so we all ended our virginity at the same time with a slight detour.


Nahunta, also known as the Pork King, did not disappoint. We entered the very clean and bright building at the door at one end of the skinny building that said, entrance only. Since I was sure before I even got in the building that I would buy something I grabbed a cart from outside the entrance. It was a good thing because they have the store set up in a way that you have to walk past everything they sell in single file one direction almost like being on a conveyer belt passing by every conceivable type, cut and variable pork product.


First up were the real specialty items; whole hog faces, feet, tails, tongues, etc. I’m not quite sure how many people a hog face feeds, but at .99¢ a pound it seemed fairly cheep to me and you all know I love a deal. If you did not want a whole face you could just buy a tray of ears.


Since I could see many more choices ahead I decided not to fill my cart with any of the most precious specialty items. I figured I could always send Russ back through the line if I decided I really wanted a head or two. Nothing about Nahunta was disappointing. I got bacon, country ham, smoked pork roast, fresh tenderloin and hot sausage. Brilliantly at the checkout were freezer bags and bags of ice. Just to round out the shopping I bought a 2 lb. bag of lima beans because I was looking for something to balance out all the meat.


Of course no SPAM was sold at the Pork Center but I felt like I was still inspired by the array of pork to help us on our quest for a winning SPAM recipe. It is my humble opinion that the billboards do not lie. It was the largest Pork Display on earth. I highly recommend you make a trip there yourself, but bring a whole cooler, those pig faces are fairly large.

3 Comments on “How Many Does a Pig Head Serve?”

  1. Demetra says:

    Those pig faces remind me of the lamb heads my parents would cook up at Easter! I could never bring myself to taste that part of the lamb.

  2. edward w carter says:

    This is gross! Didn’t they also sell mountain oysters? Loved Shay’s blog yesterday! zoo,dad

  3. edward w carter says:

    Begin forwarded message:

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