Count My Blessings




Happy Mother’s Day! It sounds like a kind thing to say on this day that is dedicated to Mothers, but is it? I feel lucky that I still have a mother who is healthy and young as well as having a daughter that makes me a happy mother, but on this day I am thinking that it is a sad day for some.


I am at the age where many of my friends have lost their mothers or are spending time taking care of sick mothers. So to those of you who are sitting by their bedsides or are grieving this first mother’s day without your Mother I want to send out special hugs to you. It is hard to celebrate your own motherhood, when you are feeling the loss of the woman who nurtured and loved you all of your life.


Then there are the friends and family members who lost their mothers long ago. Russ’ cousin Jeremy, whose own mother passed away when he was just a little boy put a message on Facebook early this morning that just read, “Call your mother.” To many is might have sounded like a reminder, but to me it was especially sad since I knew that he and his two brothers, Mike and Jonathan have gone so many years without a mother. Russ and his siblings lost their mother over twenty-two years ago so until I became a mother this was not really a holiday in our house either, more a day to remember.


The group of people who are most on my mind on this day are the many friends who have lost a child. I have too many contemporaries who fall into this group and to all of you please know that I am sending you double extra special hugs. I hate when the press called Princess Charlotte “The spare.” To all the mother’s who lost a child I know that even if they have other children they never considered any of them “a spare.” You will always be a mother and never stop missing a child who left us too early. I hope that if nothing else you know I am thinking of you on this day and sending you lots of love.


Then there are the people who desperately wanted to be mothers and for one reason or another are not. I hope this day is not hard for you. Or to mothers who are estranged from their children, I am sorry.   Days of celebration should not be days of torture for some, but sometimes they are.


Whatever this day means to you I hope that you can get through it the best way possible. To my own mother I want her to know that I love her and that she made me the mother I am. I feel extraordinarily lucky and don’t discount any day I get on earth with both my mother and my daughter.

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