Still Seaching For Jane’s Body

Netflix has done it again.  Introduced a new show called Grace and Frankie staring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin whose husbands leave them after 40 years of marriage to marry each other.  It came out yesterday and I have already binge watched the whole thing.  My guilt is only half as high as my usual Netflix binge because it is a half hour show.
The show deals with how 70 year old women deal with the loss of their husbands, but to me it is a diet motivational show.  No two women look as good for their age as Jane and Lily.  Hell, they look better than women my age.
Obviously all those years doing aerobics in leg warmers really paid off for Fonda.  Her body is one I would kill to have, but I am not actually willing to give up eating to get it.  In the show she lives basically on alcohol and admits to not having tasted ice cream for the last nine years.  Maybe living with a secretly closeted gay husband that is the secret to cause you to try and attain a perfect body.  If that is the case, then I am happy to have my terribly flawed and very flabby thighs if it means I have a normal husband who is happy to be married to me.
I remember going to see “On Golden Pond” in college with my boy friend and thinking that Jane Fonda in her bikini as a middle aged woman was about as good as anyone could get. She made me feel inadequate then and she still does.  Well, I am here to tell you that some thirty years later she is even better looking.
Lily Tomlin is no slouch either.  She looks about a thousand times better as an old woman than she did as Edith Ann on Laugh In.  Certainly this gives me hope that the best years can still be to come.  I don’t hold out any false hope to have Jane Fonda’s thighs and certainly not her beautiful hands with the long skinny fingers, but if Lily Tomlin, who was no real looker as a younger person can look so great as an old woman, then there is hope for all of us.
Sadly I’ve finished another new series in two days, but at least it gave me lots of incentive to get my steps done.  When is Orange Is The New Black coming back? I don’t really want to be like any of those prison women, but at least the story is so entertaining that if keeps me on the treadmill and that is the only chance to look like Jane.

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