Snow Day Play Date



It happened. We got the seven or eight inches of snow the weatherman was forecasting. It came in the middle of the night. It was the big wet heavy kind of snow. I woke up in the middle of the night when our power flicked off for a moment, but then miraculously came right back on. I don’t know how we lucked out there since so many of our friends and neighbors lost their power for much longer.


I slept late since I knew before I went to bed that school was at least delayed. I would have slept longer but I got a robo-call from school around 8:30 telling me school was canceled. Since it was already delayed until 10:15 I could have gone a little longer without that wake up call.


Once I was up I decided to go on and get some exercise by shoveling our walkway and doing some work moving snow away from cars. While I was out shoveling I heard a pig pop-pop from the transformer on the corner of our property and saw a big flash of light. I was sure our power had just gone out, but no. it stayed on. Russ came out to help me between work calls but then took the four-wheel drive vehicle into the office. Commerce must go on.


Since my regular day had been canceled I went to work doing two loads of laundry, changing sheets on the guest bed for a friend without power to use tonight, cleaned off the months of mail that had piled up on my desk, ran the dishwasher and got all my steps on my treadmill before 2:00.


That busy beaverness warranted me a play date with my friend Stephanie to catch up and play Bananagrams. With no visible work insight I had no guilt to take a couple of hours to play with my friend. Since she did not have power at her house she deserved a warm place to hang out too.


After we played a few rounds she tried to reach Duke power having been cut off by the automated system on multiple previous attempts to report the outage at her house. Finally she got through and the system voice told her that she could expect her power to return by 11:45 TOMORROW! I told her that her family was welcome to come camp at my house; we still have another unoccupied bed and plenty of comfy sofas the size of twin beds.


A snow day is only fun for one day. When it gets to be snow days without power then it is verging on too much little house on the prairie. I am praying for school tomorrow, not so much for me, but for all my friends with multiple little children. If you need a grown up play date tomorrow, call me. I’ve got lots of games we can play and no laundry left to do.

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