New Do



New hairdo selfie has a dual meaning for me. First it means what all young people think of as a selfie and that is a picture I took of myself in my new do, but for me it means the hairstyle I was able to do myself the day after it was cut.


Yesterday I went to see my hair stylist Kathy at Sling Blades and told her it was time to cut all my hair off. The last and only time I had hair this short was at Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural when I went to the ball with a friend who needed a real girl as a date. That haircut then was so horrible that I have never gone back to really short hair.


But I am thinner now than I was then. In fact, yesterday I was half a pound away from what I thought was my goal weight so I decided it was a good time to chance a shorter look. I also was thinking ahead to my summer travels to Africa and Maine where the lack of hair styling products and electricity meant that I was going to have fairly horrible hair to begin with.


I am a self-professed hair moron. I am not good at styling hair. I can get a round brush so tangled in four inches of hair that professionals need to be called in. That means I have to have a great stylist who can give me a completely idiot proof cut. I think that is what I got because I showered and did my own hair this morning and in the blink of Vidal Sassoon’s eyelashes I was able to recreate the salon look Kathy gave me yesterday.


Only time will tell if I am able to figure this thing out day in and day out, especially considering I have what the pros call a double crown cowlick. Does that mean I am royalty? Maybe it means I need to have a court hairstylist at all time. Nonetheless, my new do is cooler, and by that I mean temperature, it is easy and as long as I keep my mouth shut I can walk by some people and they don’t recognize me.

4 Comments on “New Do”

  1. Lloydette Hoof says:

    Wowza!!! You look fabulous and up to date—just like all the starlets with their pixie cuts. You are no longer a hair moron. I have a great big head and stick straight hair and I’m also a hair moron—so I’ll have to keep my same ole style forever.

    Everyone will miss you during your travels. And, many, many thanks to Carter for advising sweet Allison. I got my first mail from her yesterday. I was thrilled.

    Excuse my gong on….

  2. edward w carter says:

    Really a cute hairstyle! Great idea! xoo dad

  3. Frances Dowell says:

    Love it! You look fab!

  4. Jennifer says:

    You look great! And I HAVE gotten a brush tangled in my hair and had to drive downtown with it hanging to one side so that my stylist and her partner could take it out.

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