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When Christy Simmons, the communications director at the Food Bank, asked me to walk the red carpet at the screening of the documentary “Farmland” I thought it was a figure of speech. BASF was sponsoring the film presentation with the film’s producer and director, Academy award winner James Moll at the Carolina Theater tonight with the Food Bank of CENC being the beneficiary of the proceeds of the ticket sales.


When I first was asked if I could be there to accept the donation from BASF the check amount was about $2,500. Then their employees started a virtual food drive to raise more money for the Food Bank so by the time tonight came the donation grew.


After enjoying a belated birthday afternoon tea celebration at the Washington Duke with my friends Christy Barnes and Mary Lloyd I casually made my way to downtown Durham for the movie. Little did I know that I was actually going to be “walking the red carpet” and being interviewed.


The movie was a bigger draw than first imagined and my job to accept a small check turned into a big check for $17,000. I had the privilege of sitting with the filmmaker and one of the young farmers documented in the movie. It is a compelling story that follows six young farmers from planting to harvesting as well as the raising of chickens, hogs and cattle.


After yesterday’s punishing rain turned my squash plants sideways I had a particular respect for what farmers go through to risk everything to bring in a crop. There were a large number of farmers in the audience tonight, many of whom donate their excess yield to the Food Bank. I did not get a chance to thank each of them personally for what they donate, but I wish I could. I really wish I could thank each farmer just for farming because we all would not get to enjoy the food we have if it were not for farmers.


I think about the lovely tea I had with my friends today and the number of different farmers it took to grow or raise all the different things we enjoyed from the wheat used to make the flour for the scones, the strawberries to make the jam, the cream from cows to make the clotted cream and so on and so on. Most food is raised on family farms, not on factory farms, so at your next meal take a moment and say thanks for those farmers.

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  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    I hope everyone takes a moment to thank you!

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