Putting It Out There and Getting It Back



For a couple of weeks I was not as fully committed to healthy eating as I needed to be.  It started with our trip to the Caribbean for a wedding where I just ate whatever I wanted.  The following two weeks from that were none too good either and before I knew it I had gained a few pounds.


Last week, knowing I had to get back in the saddle big time I blogged that I was sick of my salad life.  Many of you good readers came to my rescue with recipes and advice.  One regular reader even volunteered that soup was her key and said she would bring me some when she made her next batch.


Just the kind words of encouragement seemed to kick start me back into place.  I found a happy place with my salad lunch and started having soup for dinner.  This all did the trick and I have lost all the naughty weight I gained on my hiatus.


Today I got a surprise visit from Debbie, my neighbor and soup volunteer with not one but two containers of different soups and the recipes.  Now lots of people talk a great game, especially in the blog world, but few actually follow up and bring you the goods.  I am incredibly touched by her generosity.  She said she read the blog every night so I know she will see my thanks here.


I believe in putting out into the world what you want to happen.  It does not always occur right away or in the format you had expected but sharing your burdens, as long as you are not whinny, helps somehow.  When I wrote I was sick of salad, which was code for I’ve fallen off the wagon, somehow magically the next day I was not only back on the wagon, but I was back to losing weight at a rate I had not seen in months.


So what do you want?  Scream it out to the world, but be ready to listen.  There are only so many different problems that we all face and most certainly you have a friend who has overcome the issue you are dealing with.  Why cope with something alone?  Ask for help, advice, prayers or just a kind ear.


Don’t be sucked into some crazy social media idea that you need to only project some perfect imagine.  Asking for help is the start on a path to improvement.  I know I don’t say it enough to all you wonderful people who comment on the blog, but you keep me going everyday.  Thanks for all your kind words, your great advice, even your snarky comments.  I put it all out there in the world and I am appreciative of what I hear back.

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