Best Time is Around the Table



Last night was Carter’s first high school formal.  Of course I would be the worst mother on earth if I actually revealed any of the details, not that I actually know any. But what was reported to me is that the dinner beforehand was the most fun part.  I think that was because a group of Carter’s friends all went to dinner together and discovered the fun of spending time around a big round table talking and enjoying a meal together.


The parents had all gathered to drop the kids off at the same time to get pictures of the exchanging of flowers.  The kids went into dinner some of the parents came back to our house to have chili and salad.  Many did not know each other and it was a nice way for them to meet.  At the appointed time a few parents went back to pick the kids up to drive them to the dance.


The after dinner mood was jovial and relaxed, a good sign for a group of ninth graders.  While we waited for the cars to pull up the kids asked me to take a few more photos.  I think that if the formal had just continued in parking lot everyone would have thought it was a successful night.


When I asked the young man who rode in my car how dinner was he said great, but he did not get dessert and was wondering if there would be dessert at the dance.  I am sure there is never enough food for a fourteen-year-old boy.


To me sitting around a dining room table is the best place to really get to know people.  It is more than a meal.  It is better than a buffet where people can sit randomly.  I feel like conversation at the table flows more easily and everyone is at the same eye level.


People don’t have dinner parties the way they used to which is a sad thing to me.  It is really not as much about the food, but about the company.  Russ and I often say we need to have more dinner parties and we get into a little rush of throwing them and then life gets in the way and we let off the dinner party peddle.


Now I think I need to throw a couple dinner parties for Carter and her friends.  Dances are fun, but I think that young adults sitting around the table together is the best way to grow up.  I hope that you and yours will enjoy some quality time around a few tables in the next week.

2 Comments on “Best Time is Around the Table”

  1. M Hansen says:


    Thanks so much for the delicious chili, salad, wine and dessert. The company was great too. Great party. Thanks so much!

    Loved this post. Pls send me your pix of the night when u get a chance.


    Sent from my iZoom

  2. ellenpunderwood says:

    What a lovely couple! It seems like just yesterday when I saw Carter at age 5 or 6 at a Michie family gathering. How time flies!

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