This Old Broad



When I first met my husband he had recently bought his first house, an eighty-year-old four square.  Russ came from a family of devoted This Old House (TOH) watchers and he turned me on to watching the famous PBS fixer upper show as we worked together on his old house.  In our twenty-two years together we have seen every episode, most multiple times.


I think Bob Vila was the original host, and then came Steve Thomas and now it is Kevin O’Conner, although the hosts have changed the subject matter experts have not.  Norm the carpenter, Tom the builder, Richard the plumber and Roger the landscaper are the guys who really explain how to fix things and consequently I have acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of home keeping and repair.


Much to Russ’ happiness the success of This Old House spawned a new series Ask This Old House so we get a whole hour of home improvement education every weekend.


I realized as I was watching the crew of old house experts that I was wishing their was a This Old Broad show where trusted experts in skin care, hair, sleep and all things pertaining to the aging female existed.  Just like on TOH the TOB crew could take a once classic woman who have gotten a little rough around the edges and spend an entire television season improving her.


Viewers could learn how to tone sagging arms or bring back the rose to now dry cheeks.  The best techniques in improving old teeth or dull hair could be tried.  More than a one-day makeover the show could follow the Old Broad over weeks and weeks and see what is possible when exercising continually or changing your diet.


Like the different types of architecture addressed on TOH, TOB could feature women with different issues, like someone who discovers they are diabetic, or has celiac disease.  If there are any TV producers liking this idea I am willing to be the very first guinea pig for this series.  I’ve always been a broad, but I’m willing to fight off becoming an old broad.

2 Comments on “This Old Broad”

  1. Jen Hezler says:

    You should totally do this! Can I be your first “experiment”!

  2. Janet Carter says:

    This is my favorite one…..

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