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I love summer, the freedom, the opportunity to sleep even if I don’t actually take it, the travel, the time with Carter on trips, the time without Carter while she is at camp, the lack of a dictated schedule.  But summer has come to an end in my life as Carter started school a week ago.  It is not all bad.


One problem for me during summer is I let myself be freer with my eating and less strict with my workouts.  Of course when I travel eating has the potential to be out of control, but that never seems to have a huge negative impact on the scale, probably because travel also includes activity.  The times during the break when things can get out of hand are the ones when I’m home without a plan, or many great commitments.  Somehow being less busy gives me more chance to eat and eat badly.


If I am not virulent almost all the time I fall into some false sense that I can eat what other people eat and remain the same weight.  It just ain’t so.  I am almost never just maintaining my weight.  I am either going up or going down.  Yeah, sometimes I am stuck on a big time plateau, but that is always when I am trying to go down and being practically religious in my good food choices.  Too bad I have not found a plateau when I am not counting every bite.  Life just does not work that way.


Having a schedule with great predictability really helps me stay on track.  This week I have eaten my standard arugula salad with roasted pears, skinless chicken thighs, a touch of blue cheese and a couple of cashews for at least one meal a day.  My body is happy.  I have lost all the weight I put on in the summer.  In case you are not a weight loss expert I will let you know that weight you just gained is fast and easy to lose, fat that has been with you a while is much more stubborn.


Now begins the push to get some of those long-term pounds off.  I’m in a good zone having weaned myself from the sugar and flour that are not my friends.  I’m drinking water and only having one fruit snack a day.  The weather is good for walking and my new trainer is kicking my butt.  The best part is my mind is ready and one thing I have learned over my years of gaining and losing is it’s all in your mind.

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