Fennel, Orange and Red Onion Salad



This is a good winter salad that can be made with either oranges or grapefruits.  You only want to use the best part of the citrus so cut the peel off and cut section into sections called supremes which leaving out the skin of the sections.  Then squeeze the juice out of the leftover skin part of the fruit.  If you want you can also add arugula.  Just have fun


1 Fennel bulb- sliced very thinly

1 red onion about half the size of the fennel’ sliced thinly

2 oranges or 1 grapefruit with the skin cut off and sectioned into supremes

Juice squeezed from the leftover parts of the fruit

30 mint leaves – minced

2 T. red wine vinegar

1 T. olive oil

Salt and Pepper


Toss everything together and enjoy.

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