Janie Carter Day

Today is my Mother’s 75th birthday.  That is a lot of birthdays.  Three quarters of a century.  She’s doing great.  She is an exceptional artist who paints most days and continues to win juried show after juried show.  When she is not painting she would like to be playing bridge.   Playing bridge and having lunch with her friends, that is a perfect day for her.


For her birthday today she was supposed to playing bridge, but then the snow and bad weather happened.  Not only was bridge on her birthday canceled but also so was lunch with friends.


So for my blog today I am asking anyone reading this to do me a favor.  Please send my mother, Janie Carter a happy birthday e-mail.  Her address is Janie@Carter.net.


If you want to look at her website and see some of her artwork go to Janecarterart.com.  My mom is not one who is big on cake, but having people enjoy her paintings is something that would make her happy, almost as happy as playing bridge — Maybe not as happy as winning at bridge, but happy none-the-less.


If you have enjoyed reading my blog at all do me this favor.  I am the way I am in part to the mother I have.  Because of the weather and the sickness that still engulfs our house I can’t go play bridge with my mother and make her birthday all better, so you, wonderful reader are my best back-up plan.


I hope you are staying warm and safe on this cold January 25th.  Enjoy a glass of wine in honor of my mother.  She would like that too.

3 Comments on “Janie Carter Day”

  1. Janet says:

    This is perfect sister D….you are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Art, Friends, Bridge, Lunch and wine are all the things mom loves most…except for one thing…making money in the stock market….(-: I sure hope you feel better and so does Carter…big hug

  2. Jane Carter says:

    sitting at my computor crying that was so sweet i am getting miriads of messages i thank you for such a lovely gesture i hope so that you and carter get better please keep me informed love momam

    • Hannah says:

      I just read this today, three days after your birthday, but funny that I picked up “Are You Being Served?” from the framer on your birthday! It is proudly and beautifully hanging in the dining room right now.

      Yesterday was Campbell’s birthday, she is in good late-January company! Hope your day was happy! I smile every time I walk through the dining room 🙂

      Lots of love from the Hannan family

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