Sacred Thanksgiving


The biggest eating holiday of the year is coming this week.  I know that it is a day about giving thanks, but for most of us it is about eating and trying to get along with those you are eating with.  No one likes Thanksgiving more than my Dad.  He loves to cook and he loves to feed people so this is one of the days he really looks forward to.


The yesterday he called me up furious over an article in his local, no-prize-winning paper entitled the “Healthy Thanksgiving Plate.”  It was written by the “community dietitian” whose mere existence I fear for if my father ever meets her.  She espoused filling half your plate with low carbohydrate vegetables such as green beans, carrots, greens, broccoli, cabbage, you get the picture.  Then she allows you 3 ounces of white turkey meat, no gravy, no skin, no flavor.  Lastly you get half a cup of either potatoes or stuffing.    She wanted you to have some apples or pears for dessert. And forget the wine.


The idea of this being a celebration made my father crazy.  He got the wicked idea that I should read this menu to Carter and tell her this is what we were having for Thanksgiving, but include the good news we were not having oyster dressing at her request.  With a maniacal laugh he said, “The idea of this being our meal will make Carter almost as furious as I am.”


For me I certainly don’t want to gain an ounce after working so hard to get it off, but even I think this menu is an invitation to the depression zone.  Turkey, even the better tasting dark meat is not that bad for you.  If you can stay away from the skin go on and eat double what this prisoner of war camp guard dietitian is suggesting.


Yes, eating healthy veggies is your best route, and frankly my stewed tomatoes are almost my favorite part of the meal, but apples or pears for dessert is no celebration.  Later this week I will make my crustless pumpkin pie and put the recipe on the blog.  You can still have things with the flavors of thanksgiving while not over indulging.


So don’t worry Dad, no one is expecting us to have a spa Thanksgiving, but I am going to have to bypass the Thanksgiving-meal-on-bread late night repast.  One leftover-turkey sandwich for the rest of you is fine.  That Gestapo dietitian didn’t mention anything about leftovers.

3 Comments on “Sacred Thanksgiving”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    you need to know that for someone who apparently had anorexia Thanksgiving is a horrible
    give my love to your parents
    xxooo Stori

  2. Suzanne Worden says:

    Can’t wait for the crust less pumpkin pie recipe!!!!!!

  3. Janet Carter says:

    OMG I am laughing so hard…Sister D..I can hear dad now….frankly…sitting in the Hong Kong Airport after eating some of the weirdest food on earth this week….the thought of Thanksgiving…even the gastapo spa version…sounds like heaven…it totally beats the crunch noodles with vinegar and sugar I had last night to be polite to my host…turkey breast anyday beets egg and abalone soup with pork nuckle….

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