Get Locally Smitten

Many women find shopping to be their sport of choice.  One of my sisters even had as her high school yearbook quote, “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” For most women the idea of having to buy a new smaller sized wardrobe excites them.  I am not most woman.


I have never found strolling through stores looking at stuff very much fun.  The older I get the worse it is.   I am getting to be more and more anti-stuff.  Early on in life I identified one the reasons I hate to shop is that many of the people who work in big giant corporately owned chains are not really interested in my business.  I like it when someone is glad I might buy something from her and does not look at helping me as a burden.


I am glad to lose weight, but the finding clothes to wear part is completely draining.

Yes, I like being able to shop in “regular” sized people clothing stores rather than “giant” sized but for the most part I really don’t give a hoot about new clothes.  Almost more than my dislike for shopping is my dislike of spending money on something I see as temporary.  I need clothes to fit me now, but I am hoping that the clothes I buy now won’t fit me next winter.


This week has been a killer on the clothing front.  I had to be in a TV show, go to two luncheons; a press conference, a board meeting and now I have two cocktail parties this weekend and church.  I should have had a wardrobe department to help me out.


I realized when I got an instructional email about the “Festive” attire for one of the parties that I needed to step up my game and broke down and went to a store.  I picked the store strategically so that I could not get arrested because a clerk infuriated me, keep my sense of humor and still find something to wear in less than two hours.


I went to a local boutique called Smitten owned by Nancy McKaig and hit the jackpot.  First, Nancy is great at making sure you get the help you need and the people who work there make it fun while still being helpful.  Second, she has different things than you see in every store in the mall so you won’t see yourself coming and going.  The bonus was that she had two artists, Amanda Davis and Baba Berthe setting up their jewelry and accessories for a weekend show and if you bought something from them you got 20% one thing from Smitten.


Well I found a great scarf from Amanda, which was practically free because I got 20% off a dress for the “festive attire” party, cha-ching!  I also feel great about supporting a local business that means the money I spend here stays here and keeps local people employed.  Why didn’t I think to go to Smitten at the beginning of the week?  I’m not changing my attitude about shopping, but I am a lot happier to have another dress in my closet that fits.

2 Comments on “Get Locally Smitten”

  1. jean says:

    Nancy is and always has been AWESOME!
    Glad you are now Smitten!

  2. Hannah says:

    Darn, definitely should have gone with you instead of the Target run for Gatorade and snacks for the soccer tourney!

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