As Seen on TV


More appropriately I should say, “As will be seen on TV.”  This morning I recorded a TV show at WTVD, ABC -11 with Angela Hampton called the Heart of Carolina Perspectives that will air on this Sunday at 11:00 and again the following week at the same time.


The show is about the Heart of Carolina Food Drive that ABC-11 sponsors for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC and the Fayetteville Food Bank.  It is our largest food drive of the year and is running now until December 5th, which is drive through day to drop food off at Kroger’s in our local area.


I want to take this time to thank all of you dear friends and family who have donated to the Food Bank of CENC through Less Dana.  Your generousity has been overwhelming.  230 families made pledges.  28 pledges came from people who do not even live in North Carolina.  Thanks to my friends from Ethel Walker’s and Dickinson College who have supported me in this effort from afar.  Thanks to my old friends spread out across the country and to all you saints in North Carolina.  A number of children also made and paid off pledges with money they earned, what an inspiration you are.  Thank you.


Sharing your gifts and treasures with others who have less is a noble thing to do.  I want you to please take credit for your contribution to your fellow man, woman and child who appreciates the food you are providing them.  You worked hard to earn that money and yet you still shared it.

As I gather around my Thanksgiving table this year I will be giving thanks for you, especially as I try and eat only what I actually need and not all that I have available.  As anyone who reads this blog knows I am always one who is going to try the funny in any situation, yet my passion is making sure that no one goes hungry which is just not a laughing matter.  Forgive me this serious blog posting today.  I want you to not miss my sincere gratitude for you and your help in providing food for those who in need.

2 Comments on “As Seen on TV”

  1. Treat says:

    You and your blog-post are beautiful.

  2. Ed Carter says:

    You look great . This is really something. I know you really have to feel good. xoo

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