My Life as A Hybrid


We recently got a hybrid car.  You know the kind, sometimes it drives on a gas engine and sometimes it drives on a battery engine.  The crazy thing is that the car charges the battery itself when I drive it or when I break.  How do it do it?  Don’t ask me.  But I really love to watch the gauges that tell me when I am driving for free on battery and hate when I use gas.  I probably should turn that feature off in the name of keeping my eyes on the road.


As I was driving to Raleigh today watching the dial move from gas to battery power I realized that for the last six months I have become somewhat of a Hybrid.  I put food in, which is akin to gasoline and sometimes I am running on the food I have eaten and sometimes I am running on my battery of fat storage.


If I take in more food than I burn then it goes into battery storage as fat, but if I am smart I take in a little less fuel than I need to run thus moving into battery back-up and burn up fat.  The dial I have to use is the scale so I am only finding out after the fact that I was efficient or not.


What I really want is the real time indicator that registers when I have depleted all the food energy and have started in on the long life fat stores.  Before I started this diet I could have been considered a strategic energy reserve site, like the government keeps for emergencies.  Now, I am about half a reserve, not enough to be considered strategic, maybe just a tactical reserve.


I know children who are such excellent hybrids that you can actually see them completely run down when their food energy runs out and they have no fat reserves to switch over too.  I don’t know many adults who live that close to the edge and I am not anticipating ever running that low on fat back-up, but it sure will be fun to see if I can get to be that efficient.


I have learned some lessons from my car, which I need to reverse for my hybrid body.  First, driving up a hill at a normal speed almost always requires gas to be used.  Going really fast or speeding up suddenly also requires gas.  Driving at a steady pace is battery friendly.  When I take these insights and apply them to my body it teaches me that in order to burn more fat I need to go up more hills, faster and more erratically.  So if you see me out running up the hill by my house and I look like I might have been drinking know that I am just pretending to be my car.

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