Have You Looked In The Mirror?

The Bible has many lessons, but as adults we have learned that plenty of the verses can be used to contradict each other.

The great book says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Mathew 7:1) But it also says a lot about judging, like “Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” (Proverbs 31:9) So this is not a judgment, but more an overall observation.

This refection, from the Book of Dana, the third chapter entitled “What were they thinking?” comes today’s lesson:  “Just because you can zip it up, does not mean you should be wearing it.”


The other day I went shopping in my closet looking for pants that I had not worn in a while.  I found a pair of black cropped pants that had descended far down the pile, meaning I had not been able to wear them in quite some time, yet they were still in my main closet and not the closet of hope where I keep good clothes that are MUCH too small.

I looked at the tag, two sizes smaller than the pair of khakis I was wearing.  I let the current pair fall to the ground without even unzipping them and shimmied into the black crops.  I zipped them up, no problem.  Feeling triumphant I practically skipped to the full-length mirror and was thankful that it was close by.  These pants were in no way appropriate for public viewing with me in them.  And thus came the lesson, “Just because you can zip it up, does not mean you should be wearing it.”

As I went about my day, in a skirt that actually fit, I began to notice people or all sizes who apparently did not own a full length mirror or had assumed that the zipping of the clothes was all that was required to tell if they were appropriately dressed.

The first person I saw was a rather large woman in a sleeveless shirt that did not have arm holes big enough to allow her arms to fit out without looking like they were being squeezed out of a sausage casing.  It was a hot day and I am sure her clothing choices were limited, but there was no way that enough blood was getting to her hands and fingers due to the constriction of the arm hole.

The next person I encountered was a teenage girl at the Harris Teeter Grocery who could not have been more than a size 6 in actual body, but she, in perhaps some denial, was wearing a pair of skinny jeans so small that were disabling.  I say this with first hand knowledge because she dropped a lemon on the ground and was physically unable to bend over and pick it up.  I watched as she leaned sideways against the display and tried to get the fruit before I actually bent over and picked it up for her and she sighed with great relief.

Even watching TV that night I thought that Divia, the statuesque Physicians Assistant on Royal Pains needed to discuss with wardrobe the size of her lime and white cropped pants that did her no favors when she turned around.

So the lesson of the day is an easy one.  “Look in the mirror before you leave the house.”  The best-dressed person is not wearing the most expensive clothes, but the ones that fit their body the best, no matter its size.


One Comment on “Have You Looked In The Mirror?”

  1. happygirljan says:

    One of our family jokes is that 75% of Americans must not own a full-length mirror…or if they own one, they’ve forgotten to look in it! And I definitely appreciate the difficulties presented when the choices are limited, but it does make you wonder…’what were they thinking?’!

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