For the Love of Ugly Shoes


The other day I visited the shoe show room, otherwise known as her new closet, of a friend who is shoe obsessed.  It was like visiting a great museum, perhaps one owned by a Medici in Florence Italy.  Each pair was a beautiful sculpture, all heels, terribly high, some with platforms making them even higher, in a rainbow of colors, textures and adornments.


I was overwhelmed with their elegance and at the same time thrilled that I did not have to wear them.  There I was, standing in the holy grail of shoes wearing perhaps the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever owned feeling like I was on cloud nine.


I had recently visited a store dedicated to comfortable shoes that my friend of high heel heaven would not be caught dead in.  I was looking for the winter equivalent to my Dansko sneakers I had been wearing all summer.  The sales person showed me Dansko’s newest black leather slip-on that without a doubt looked like something that Valerie the wife of Miracle Max would wear.  What, you don’t know who Valerie is?  She was the character played by Carol Kane in The Princess Bride movie that was married to Billy Crystal’s character.  She is clearly at the bottom of any style scale.  That is how ugly these shoes are.


The best part about being middle age is that I finally learned not to judge a book by its cover, or a shoe by how it looks, but by how it feels.  So without a moment’s hesitation I tried these clodhoppers on.  AHHHHHHHH.  Such nirvana and chocolate was not even involved.


Without asking the price I told the sales person I would be wearing these shoes out, and off I went.  These shoes have practically cured me of the plantar fasciitis that has plagued me for the last year and they add a spring to my step that encourages me to walk faster and farther.  My feet actually feel better in these shoes than out of them.  I am trying to figure out how I can sleep in them without soiling my bed linens.


So I may not be in fashion, but boy do my feet feel good.  I am happy to admire the gorgeous foot wear my friend sports, but I can’t imagine going the distance in it.  To me ugly never felt so good.