Eaters Glasses


We’ve all heard the saying, “My eyes are bigger than my stomach,” to describe when someone puts more food on their plate than they can eat.  Thanksgiving is the poster holiday for this syndrome.  A person who says this is actually fairly in touch with their stomach because at least they recognized that their stomach was full before their plate was empty.


I am not one of those people.  If food is on my plate I almost certainly will eat it no matter how full my stomach is.  No wonder I have to work on my weight everyday.  I have never been one of those women who puts a teaspoonful of food on my plate and can eat tiny bird like bites making it last through the whole meal and still leave something on my plate.  Volume is more my plate’s theme.


I don’t know what all the psychology is behind this but I like a full plate.  I have gone to using the smallest plates I can find.  Carter has a really nice play tea set from when she was a baby and I think I should pull that out to eat off daily.


A few years ago I developed the aging eye problem of being unable to read normal text and had to start wearing “readers”.  Gradually, I have gotten stronger and stronger pairs and have to have one with me at all time to do almost anything.  The best part about readers is that if I wear them when I’m eating my food looks bigger.


Maybe I can invent some “eaters glasses” that virtually quadruple the look of the food on my plate so my mind thinks I am getting a lot to eat.  I could wear them when I go through a buffet line so I actually only put a little food on the plate.  I am sure I am not the only person whose “stomach is bigger than their eyes.”  Certainly the waistlines I see walking around the mall tell me that.


These “eaters glasses” could help solve the American obesity problem.  Restaurants that pride themselves on giving giant portions like The Cheesecake Factory could hand them out to all their diners and then just serve regular portions.  Everyone would think they are getting enough food to sustain themselves for a week when in reality it could just be one meal’s worth.


Since I am a volume eater I have cut out eating many beloved foods like pasta or rice because I am not good at eating a little of it.  I fill my plate up with salad or broccoli just so my eyes are going to know I had a lot, which makes my stomach happy.  But if I had the “eaters glasses” I might be able to eat a greater variety of food in much much smaller portions and still keep my mind and stomach happy.


So if you see me at a meal with what looks like coke bottle glasses on I probably have not gone practically blind, but I am just testing out my new invention.  If this does not work I think I may try some invention, which limits how widely I can open my mouth thus limiting how big a bite I can take.