Last of Summer Squash Curried Soup


Yesterday and today I pulled out much of my spring/summer garden.  This always makes me sad because some plants look like they still might produce.  These plants are like children to me throwing out fruit like grandchildren.  I hate to give up on a still good-looking tomato plant even though I know any tomatoes it might give up will be small, may never ripen and will just be inferior to their preceding siblings.


The real reason to pull out the summer garden is to make room for the fall garden, which I planted today.  So all you squash haters may like the fall palette of vegetables better.


I have sweet potatoes that have been growing for some time.  The plants have be denuded of leaves twice by my deer foes, but they seem to grow back and hopefully the potatoes underground are not as bothered by the deer as I am.  I planted arugula by seed and everything else by transplant, which includes:  butter crunch, romaine and red leaf lettuces, Chinese and red cabbages, Kale and cauliflower.  I mistakenly bought two flats of cauliflower when I wanted one of broccoli and one of cauliflower.  I hope to get the broccoli later this week.


This will be the last summer squash recipe until next year.  Farwell to my best bumper crop, I grew over a quarter ton of squash which sounds so much more impressive than 500 pounds.


1 big yellow onion- diced

2 medium yellow squash- diced

2 cups of chicken stock

2 t. curry powder

1t. Cumin

½ t. smoked paprika

1 cup of light coconut milk


Salt and pepper



Spray Pam in a big stockpot and add the onions.  Cook on medium high for about five minutes, stirring every so often.  Add the squash and continue cooking for one minute.  Add the spices and cook another minute.  Add the chicken stock and bring to boil and reduce to simmer.  Cook until the squash is tender, about 8 minutes.  Add the coconut milk and then puree with a stick blender.  Taste and season with salt and pepper.

Curried Mango and Chicken Salad

As a child, my sister Margaret would get stuck eating the same thing everyday.  One whole year she had the same conversation with me everyday.


“Dana, what are we having for dinner?”


It did not matter what I replied, from burgers to spaghetti she would then say…  “No thanks, I think I will just have cheese broccoli.”  Which she made herself with a package of frozen broccoli and some sort of processed cheese, Velveeta being her favorite.


Sometime in her teenage years Margaret’s dish of choice became chicken salad, which lasted a very long time.  I remember having a conversation with her sometime in her twenties about her idea for a chicken salad restaurant and if I thought it was viable.


Now I too have always loved chicken salad, but consider it a special occasion treat because I just don’t eat that much mayonnaise for thigh giggling reasons.


The sad part is that chicken salad is so easy to make these days if you use a grocery store rotisserie chicken.  Since I am going to a ladies potluck tonight I decided it was a good day to make a healthy chicken salad.  Too bad my sister is not here to eat it.


1 store bought rotisserie chicken

2 mangos – cubed

½ red onion- finely chopped

1 hot pepper minced

35 basil leaves- chiffonade  – that means cut in tiny ribbons



1 T. low fat mayonnaise

2/3 cup of fat free Greek yogurt

1 T. ketchup

1t. curry powder

1 t. lemon juice

2 packets of Splenda

1 t. salt



Pull the meat off the chicken in shreds making sure you don’t get any of the skin.  Put it in a large bowl and add the other ingredients down to the basil.  Mix the dressing in a separate bowl and pour over the chicken mixture and gently stir it all together.  It is better to get it refrigerate for at least an hour.