Frigid Feet

 February is such a fickle month in North Carolina.  Yesterday is was almost seventy degrees, sunny and soft.  Today it is in the low forties, grey and steely.  What a tease yesterday was and now it’s back to the torture.  It is Monday however so if there is going to be a let down day, let it be today.


One of the only side detriments to losing weight is that my body is so busy trying to hold on to calories that it forgets to make any body heat.  When I say any, I mean none.  My hands and feet are particularly icicle-like, but before you think it is just the extremities that don’t have warmth I will also tell you that even my butt is freezing.


Luckily my sweet dog Shay-Shay is a little furnace who just wants to snuggle.  I just wish she were bigger and could cover all of me at once and transfer all that extra heat she produces.  It is only fair that Shay gives me her heat because I have to spend more time outside walking her on this frigid day, which just makes me colder.


Today I had a lovely hour and a half yoga class and after returning home I thought Shay deserved a good workout of her own.  Off we went, me in my yoga clothes and running shoes, she in her curly brown fur coat.  By the time we had walked far enough from home for her to do her duty all my good Yoga warmth had worn off and the chill was beginning to set deep in my bones. 


I turned Shay around and decided that I was so cold we would run home.  Running is not an activity I like or do often, but when being chased, especially by Frosty it is something I will do.  Shay was thrilled to get the gallop-go-ahead and off we headed.  As we sprinted down the street, cold air was streaming through the vents that would be the entire uppers of my running shoes.  My white cotton socks were no insulation against the biting breeze.  My previously very cold toes were now just numb nubs.  The pins and needle stabbing pains were taking over.  What could I do, but continue running until I reached the house.


Certainly I cannot be the only circulation challenged person who might need to run in the cold.  I understand the desire to have lightweight running shoes, but how about ones that keep the wind from whooshing over your toes?  Here I sit an hour later and the feeling has not completely returned to my left foot.  Enough of this cold, bring on some hot sand to bury my feet in.