Don’t Let Me Buy More Black Pants



Today I did a task that has been on my list for months.  I tried on all my hanging clothes in three closets.  Don’t think I have so many clothes because I have three closets.  We just live in an old fashioned house with small closets.


Not that long ago I moved all the clothes that were really too big out and was left with the clothes I knew fit right then and the clothes I wanted to fit into in the future.  Well I figured the future was getting close enough so I wanted to try everything on and sort the clothes.  The categories were: clothes I loved and could fit into right now and were season appropriate, ones that were out of season or about to be out of season but fit, clothes that would fit when I lose five to ten pounds that I love, clothes that are just too big and even though I love them I should not wear them, and the what was I thinking buying that I never want to wear it not matter how thin I get.


I looked like one of the clothes guys on seventh avenue rolling racks of clothes down the street as I tried on and shuffled things between rooms.  I think it was most horrifying for Carter who came up to my floor as I was rolling the rack down the hall in only my bra and granny panties.  Surely I have scared her for life.


After all the sorting I put the love it and can wear it now clothes in my primary closet in an organized, short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, sweaters, pants, dresses, suits in rainbow order.  These were clothes that I have bought over a number of years, as I have been this size a couple of times.  What was very evident is that I never need to buy black pants this size ever again.  Black pants out numbered any other group of clothing by at least four to one.  White blouses were a distant second.  Based on those two things you would think I was a waitress or a young Mormon man.


Tomorrow I get to tackle the folded clothes in various dresser drawers.  Then it’s time to take on the shoes.  I know I have pairs that are twice as old as my teenager and they need to go.  Shoes are easy since now I don’t wear anything that is not comfortable so I bet I can get down to about six pairs. Let’s hope they are not all brown since I only have black pants.

The Yearly Weight-Loss Allotment

So far I really like 2013.  Not that I have done anything really exciting for the whole three days.  I did have lunch with my friend Barbara today, that was fun, but here are the other things I have done in 2013:


Still cleaning out closets and four rooms so we can rearrange where Carter lives and Russ works in our house.  That has been the majority of time.  I was very thankful that the trash and recycling got picked up yesterday and I have already refilled them.


I have done six loads of laundry.


I helped Russ get his office ready for a big meeting he has today and tomorrow.  I baked carrot muffins and make fruit platters.  I shopped for drinks, new dishes and coffee makers.  I organized the lunch they served today, met the caterers and enlisted the wonderful help of Cliff to run get the ice I forgot.


I cleaned the rugs where Shay-shay got sick.


I drove Carter to Dover Saddlery to spend her Christmas gift cards.


I cooked, cleaned, emptied the dishwasher, needle pointed, paid bills, and went to Costco.


Why the hell do I like 2013 so much?  I got on the scale this morning and I was one pound below by low weight of 2012.  Not only was I one pound below my low I was four pounds below my Christmas day weight.  After losing 53 pounds in a little less than six months I had only lost 3 in the months of November and December combined.  I really did not change my eating in those months, save three days that I gave myself to celebrate.  But I just was not losing.  Sad, sad.


But come a new year and I am dropping weight again.  I think that maybe there is some cosmic thing that says you are only allowed to lose so much weight in any given calendar year, and it gets to be a smaller number every year.  I think that my number was 56 pounds and once I lost that much I was capped.


As soon as the year turned it has started coming off again.  Hooray for a new year.  Even if my new number is five pounds less than last year I am fine because I don’t want to lose that much weight this year because I would still actually like to be alive.


I am setting a new public goal of losing eleven pounds by Spring Break, the second week of March.  I do much better if I do something publically and declarative.  So there it is.  My trainer Tom told me I better do a ton of cardio to reach that goal.  Good thing I have at least 68 trips to the attic planned for the next three days.  I am thinking of taking up wood chopping just for the exercise.  I hope that 2013 continues on this positive, or in my case, negative path.