Camp Drop-Off Day



Today is the day that Carter waits all year for drop-off at Camp Cheerio. This is her sixth and last year as a camper and apparently being a “Senior Camper” comes with a lot of privileges and fun. She started there going to the two-week girl session. Last year she added a stay over and a one-week of co-ed camp to her all girl camp and this year she is staying five weeks, two weeks girls, one-week co-ed followed by a two-week of co-ed. She has figured out a way to be a “senior camper” three times.


She has done nothing but talk about going to camp for weeks, but I think today she was actually a little sad about leaving us for five weeks. OK, maybe she was not sad about leaving us, maybe she was a little nervous about not having her phone, you tube and music for five weeks.


As we drove away from Durham we called her grandparents so she could say goodbye to them. Both grandfathers practically said the same thing to her, “Don’t break anything at camp.” Russ and I had the same conversation since we are going to be in Africa for a good part of the time she is at camp. I just remember being in Utah last year and getting a call from camp that Carter needed antibiotics and I needed to call the pharmacy by camp. I don’t know what will happen if she needs that kind of help this year?


As Russ and I were just barely off the mountain on our way home I saw a billboard for the Highway Outlet store JR’s that read “From Brassieres to Chandeliers”. I made a comment that I would not think of going to that store for either of those two items and wondered aloud who came up with that marketing campaign, aiming my conversation at Carter, then I realized she was not there. Luckily Russ, marketer that he is, found the bill board equally bizarre and kept my mind off the fact that I was not going to get to share these funnies with Carter for five whole weeks.


I’m sure Carter would have come back at me, “I bet that ad person first wrote from ‘Underwear to Hardware’ and some redneck at the store classed it up by changing it to ‘From Brassieres to Chandeliers.’”  I already miss Carter’s tough non-sensibilities and non-sensitivities. It’s going to be a long five weeks for me.

Babies and Mommies are Happy to Be Home



I was so excited to be getting Carter home from camp today I woke up at five in the morning.  It was an hour earlier than I needed to be up so I tried to be silent so as not to wake Russ.  Best laid plans, I knocked a giant glass off my bedside table shattering it into a gazillion shards.  Top it all off my Mother and her bridge partner are spending two nights here while attending a bridge tournament in Durham so Russ and I had to silently clean the glass up without the vacuum cleaner.


Not the way I wanted to start the day, but we got an early start to drive out to Roaring Gap and reunite with Carter.  After the crying hugs of joy, Carter’s counselor deemed us happiest reunion family and we bid Camp Cheerio goodbye for the season.  All the way home Carter filled us in on all the news from camp.  By the time we got home we were all exhausted and fell into our beds for naps.


No one was happier to see Carter than her baby Shay Shay.  It has to be confusing in a dog’s life to tell the difference between her mothers going to school for the day and going away fro three weeks.  I can see the look in Shay Shay’s face questioning, was that just one really long day?

Quickly they fell back into snuggle time together and Shay is off to bed to sleep curled up around Carter.  This mother is happy to have her baby home too.