I’m Lonely

I’m taking over my mother’s blog today. See, I’m lonely and want friends to visit. I do have my babies on every bed in the house as well as in my big basket in the sunroom. I like my babies, but I have silenced most of them by removing the squeaker. I don’t mean to hurt them, I just love pulling the squeaker out. I think I need professional help to not hurt my babies, but my parents haven’t gotten me any therapy.

My Dad says walking would make me happier. Some days I will walk with him, but some days I only go to the end of the street and then turn back to home. Today he tried to get me to walk, but what was he thinking? The ground was wet and I am a pure princess and don’t like my paws to be wet.

I stood on the porch looking for friends walking by, but did see any. I guess they don’t like to have wet paws either. My Dad should realize I am not alone in that no walking in the rain rule.

Mom and Dad left me home alone this morning. They said it was because they were going to the farmers’ market where dogs are not allowed. I hate that rule. Dogs like farms. It was OK because they came home with a chicken for me. Not as a pet, it was cooked.

I hope the sun shines tomorrow. I am not promising I will go on a walk , but I will be happier when I go do my business in the front yard. Someone should build a covered area for me so that I never have to get wet. Mom? Are you reading this?

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