When I leave home to go teach Mah Jongg it is one thing that Russ has to fend for himself, but for Shay it can seem like I am abandoning her. Tonight I went to a cute girl’s house in Raliegh. He darling puppy Bonnie took a liking to me and wanted to snuggle while I was teaching.

It is never a hardship to play with cute puppies. The only bad thing is the look of betrayal on Shay’s face as she sniffs all of me when I get home.

I try and reassure her that she is my number one dog, always, but she is not happy to know that I step out on her. No matter how much I tell her it is just for work, she is still insulted.

I wonder if Shay should become my Mah Jongg assistant then she could entertain the dogs while class is going on. The only problem with that is she would have to play with other dogs and hat is not something she likes to do. She would think she should teach Mah Jongg and Ali could play with the dogs. If I could just get her to hold the pointer stick.

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