No Rest for the Wicked or the Weary or Both

I think I qualify for this, more weary than wicked. Usually weekends are my recovery days. This weekend was the opposite. I had that big plumbing morning yesterday. Our friends arrived in the afternoon and we had so much fun with them staying up much later than I should have.

When we all went to bed Russ was out as he was only half way into full repose. I, on the other hand, stayed up and wrote my blog, played a game of Catan online and could not turn off and go to sleep until well past one. My extrovertedness was on full speed ahead having our friends here.

I woke up at my normal early time, despite needing at least another two or three hours sleep. Russ made our family special slow eggs for all of us for breakfast. While he stirred away on those he and Doug talked business in the kitchen and Penny and I enjoyed the warmth of the sunroom, lulling us into believing it was a perfect spring day. (It looked good, but felt crazy cold.)

After breakfast Doug and Penny had to go and it was sad to see them leave. The greatest thing about having fun guests is you totally forget all the stuff you should be doing. Suddenly it hit me I had a lot of work to prepare for my Food Bank Mah Jongg Tournament tomorrow. Then I was off to Raleigh to teach Mah Jongg to a new group of young women.

As my Apple Maps was guiding me to the house I realized I was going to a house three doors away from a house I taught at this fall. I asked the hostess if she knew her neighbor. She didn’t, but when I told her she was also new Mah Jongg player she vowed to go meet her. I sometimes wonder how long it will take me to blanket the city of Oaks with Mah Jongg as I so often am teaching at multiple houses on the same street.

I got home just in time to meet my cousin Leigh for an overdue visit. After she left I hit the wall. Finally too many people caught up with me. I am crashing by 8:30 tonight.

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