Why I do What I Shouldn’t

Why do I alway stop and read any article about having the best smelling laundry or how to keep my house dust free when I am the most busy? In the last 36 hours I taught five 3-hour Mah Jongg classes, drove to and from Raleigh twice, three of the four legs were in rush hours, answered 67 emails and 102 texts and still have a pile of work to do to get ready for visiting guests this weekend and a Mah Jongg class on Sunday and Mah Jongg tournament I am running on Monday.

Given how tired I am and all I have to do why in the world would I ever click on Instagram? That was my first mistake. When I did click I was immediately drawn into a Real Simple story about what Martha Stewart says about leaving wet laundry in the machine over night.

Apparently I do this so I have something to write my blog about. All kidding aside, I recently learned that humans do these mindless things as a way of giving our minds a break from the real work we have to do.

It is much easier to read than it is to write. So reading someone else’s article is easier than writing my blog. But I still don’t know why I need to know about laundry right at that moment. I rarely leave laundry in the washer so it’s not like this is a pressing concern for me.

There is something inherently human about the need to not do something we know we should do. I am fairly good at making lists and doing things in order. Except for gathering and organizing our tax information. I know for months I need to do it. There is no reason not to, but somehow it is way down my priority list. (I promise I’ll start tomorrow.)

I wonder what are the things you put off? Also what are your procrastination tools? I can’t be the only one who decides to look at Pinterest for 20 minutes when I know I should go to the post office and mail that package to my sister which has been sitting here for a week. By the time I finish with Pinterest and remember the package the post office is closed.

The only good news about my scrolling is my laundry is fairly good smelling, but I still have not actually figured out how to keep my house dust free.

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