The Sunshine of February

Mid February, post Valentine’s Day can be a fairly boring time. The skies are grey and the news is dull. But on this day, the seventeenth of February, one of the greatest people was born, Suzanne Worden. So what might be considered a dull day is made shinny and bright by her appearance on this earth.

I am lucky to have become friends with Suzanne over four decades ago and to have her remain my closest bosom buddy all these years. She has been by my side for so many of life’s important moments and I cherish her in so many ways.

From our daily wordle exchange, to our monthly book discussions we find many reasons to be in constant contact. We had a short pre-birthday girls trip to visit our friends Janet and those three days reminded us we need to see each other more often.

I am ever thankful that Mary and Clee Worden had that bonus fifth daughter, Suzanne on this very date. I could not imagine what my journey would have been like without her.

Happy Birthday Suzanne. You are the sunshine in the month of February.

3 Comments on “The Sunshine of February”

  1. Gussy Lancaster says:

    When she was little, we called her “Suzy Snowflake” -Bright, shinning, beautiful, and unique. Still all true, and I would add adventuresome, trustworthy, diligent, kind, with a wicked sense of humor. A wonderful person i am proud to call my sister.

    Happy Birthday ! Love Gussy

    PS Dana you are the 6th sister

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