Silver and Gold Friends

When I was a Girl Scout, or maybe a Brownie I learned the song, “Make New friends.” It wasn’t much of a song, so we sang it in the round, repeating the same line three times.

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” It didn’t explicitly say that the new friends are only silver and the old ones become gold, but that was the way I took it at the time.

If I try and think what I learned in scouts this would be the one standout, that and how to cook bacon for a crowd over a campfire. I was probably seven or eight when I learned the song and it has been a guide star for me my whole life. Once in a while I will be driving alone in the car and I will be humming it without realizing it.

The thing I love about it is it encourages you to always be making new friends while not ignoring your old friends. It also lets you know that some friends are more important to you than other and that is OK too.

Just because someone is a new friend of mine does not prohibit them from becoming a gold friend fast. Conversely, just because I have known you forever you may still be a silver friend. And the song gave me permission for it to be fine like that.

Experts on longevity often site the existence of friends as being key to living a long and happy life. So be like a Girl Scout and always be making new friends. You have no idea who is going to be gold to you. Not everyone will be gold and silver friends have their place too. The good news is are all friends, something you just can’t have too many of.

One Comment on “Silver and Gold Friends”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I have slightly different take on the song but the older I get the more the song speaks to me. I especially remember singing it in the Fox theater in Atlanta where I grew up. The theater was full to capacity with scouts and we sang the round- Make new friends but keep the old – One is silver and the other gold.

    Happy day fellow scout. I was a Girl Scout through high school. Loved every minute and did not care that some folks thought I was a geek. My David was an Eagle Scout from Westminsters 451 and hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. We are a proud scout family.


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