Chinese Auction

Christmas party number two today. Lynn and I have been having this party so many years we have lost track. We invite friends and ask them to bring a gift worth $25 and we pick, trade and steal until all the gifts are claimed. This year there’s were many favorite items with lots of stealing going on.

I had ordered a special wooded puzzle with many of special shaped pieces and it did not arrive in time, despite being ordered over four weeks ago. So last night I baked ten pecan sticky buns as my gift. It was popular, but the puzzle would have been better.

This year we had the party at Lynn’s new house. We have been waiting a long time to do it there. It is such a beautiful place and everything was so elegant. Lynn set up two tables and we served lunch on the bar of her kitchen. I made make-your-own Poké bowls, but not with raw fish. I didn’t want to kill anyone this close to Christmas. Plus I have lost enough friends this year.

Lynn made dessert which was a big hit. At the last minute she tried to get out of making dessert. Our friend Kathi had suggested that fortune cookies might be a cute dessert to go along with the theme. Lynn called me to see if it was an OK alternative. Absolutely not! Kathi ended up eating two pieces of cake and was happy we didn’t go with her idea.

Thanks to Jan and Amanda who stayed and cleaned up. The only problem with having the party at Lynn’s is I have to drag all my stuff over to her house and back again. I would say it is worth it as it is such a fun tradition.

After everyone left Lynn and I open all our hostess gifts. This year people went all out with their gifts. What sweet friends they are.

Two parties down. Now I have to get ready to host Garden club Christmas auction and Lunch at my house Tuesday. Only about 62 coming. The Christmas parties never end.

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