I Never Tire of Christmas

The room in our house where our Christmas tree sits is called “the gathering room.” It was named that by our architect and we found it hysterically snobbish, so in jest we continued to call it that. It is open to our breakfast room and kitchen. As our largest room it is where we gather when we have lots of people around. Now that it is just the two of us at home we tend to sit in smaller rooms, unless we are watching something that requires a big TV, like the world cup.

As the gathering room has very tall ceilings it is the place we put the Christmas tree, along with a bunch of other Christmas decorations. To be totally honest every public room in our house has a bunch of Christmas decorations.

When the tree is up in the gathering room it draws me to want to sit in there all by myself. My favorite view is from the sofa, looking through two German Christmas Carousels at the Christmas tree. I could look at the tree all day and never think, maybe I should be doing something more productive.

The tree and all the decorations have a strangely hypnotic effect on me. Perhaps it is the lights which brighten the early nights. Or the shiny sparkling ornaments that attract me like some half-witted cat.

I will never know the answer. For now I am just going to enjoy the season and not pre-morn when it will all be gone.

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