We Need a Break In Politics

I’ve enjoyed exactly one week of only one political campaign still texting and emailing me, rather than the hundreds I was getting hourly two weeks ago. Yes, Georgia still has one more run off which means I am not totally politically free from people begging.

Now the great pumpkin is ruining all the peace by making some lame announcement tonight. I am praying that he comes to some sense of reality that his consistent losing ways are only going to continue now that most republicans are blaming him for the dismal showing in the midterms. Running for office in no way is a get out of jail free card for past crimes. I think we should all blame monopoly for creating the idea that there ever could be a get out of jail free card.

I am sure I am not alone in my desire to have a few months free of political campaigning. How about a few months of actual legislative work? Biden has been diligently working with his head down actually getting laws passed. We need to keep up this pace and fix things like legal immigration, and smart gun reform.

I am hoping republicans will realize how tired people are with school shootings and that the places with the least gun control have the most shootings. I’m looking at you Texas.

Please politicians, just get to work and stop just running for office. Running is not working and we pay you to work.

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