We Skipped Fall

Friday it was 70 degrees. It’s been a very hot fall. It’s been confusing about what to wear. Then last night a cold front dropped and it was 26 degrees. We woke up to a good covering of snow in the mountains. It stayed cold.

So what could we possibly do? Work a puzzle! Jan and I both love a puzzle and she has the best set of trays to sort pieces by color. If you don’t know that is how you do a puzzle you are taking too long to do it.

Rex thought we were crazy to start a 1000 piece puzzle, but we assured him it was a fairly easy one and sure enough we finished before lunch. What a fun mountain weekend. Thanks Jan and Rex, we had a great time.

Thankfully the snow had melted on the mountain road so getting down the mountain was not too hard. Now we are home where it is also freezing. We skipped having fall nd have moved right into winter.

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