Over Scheduled

I am paying the price now for a month in Maine. While I was away I got tons of calls about people wanting Mah Jongg classes. I had a bunch of fall classes already scheduled from earlier in the summer, but suddenly when Sept 1 came around people got frantic about wanting to learn. So I scheduled as many as I could fit in.

Without being fully aware I scheduled four night classes in a row in Raleigh this week, plus two day classes. Along with Garden club and a doctor’s appointment I also had to fit in an emergency dentist visit for a chipped crown that is annoying my tongue. Now I not only have all these classes, but I am not speaking normally.

I felt like I had a very relaxing weekend, but now I am slammed. I was exhausted all day and tomorrow will be worse. So I am going to try and force myself to sleep and pray I don’t have strange and disturbing dreams like I had last night. Wishing you a calm and restful week. If I can’t have one I hope someone else does.

One Comment on “Over Scheduled”

  1. SheppyVann says:

    My reentry from Maine was the same-only of course I had 3 months there. Now I find I am over committed to volunteer work and you know what happens to those of us who are overcommitted-we get more b/c people assume we are reliable.
    I see Maine as recharge my battery time and winter is when I run on that charge.
    If you looked at my Maine schedule, you would consider me a sloth. I am ONLY busy when kids or visitors are there. Then it is my time and consists of walks, reading and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Some tv binging.

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