Time Is Too Short

We may have been in Maine almost four weeks, but it has gone so quickly. My friend Warren is mad that we have not done enough while we were here. What can I say, there is so much to do.

Today, while Russ was working away, Warren picked me up to go to Damariscotta to rendezvous with our friend Julie. Julie came up from Durham, Me where she lives with her husband. So Warren was out with his two Walker’s girls from Durham. We wandered the Main Street. I found lots of good Stocking stuffers, but nothing big. The space in my car is limited so I was mindful to not fall in love with a chair or a rug.

We ate lunch at a Thai restaurant where we were clearly the youngest patrons. September in Maine is all old people. I was fairly certain that the ancient old man sitting at the table next to us was listening to our conversation about how law makers think that they should try and have a say about the autonomy women can have over their own bodies. He seemed to huff a bit. I didn’t bring this to Warren’s of Julie’s attention, but I was ready to take him down if he commented. We could start a conversation about how old people should not have autonomy over their own bodies as well if they think law makers can dictate to women.

After lunch we went to a Hospital Thrift Store that Warren had been raving about. It is only open every other day of the week for four hours and that seemed to bring in the crowds. The ladies who run it do an excellent job merchandising everything . The funniest part about it is they change what is on sale everyday. Today all things Orange, all china and all pottery were 50% off.

I found a vintage covered square glass Pyrex casserole in a rare plaid pattern. It was priced high, but when I took it to the check out the manager gave me 25% off without my even asking. The place was huge and there were only a few creepy dolls on display. I always wonder who is buying them.

As a treat for being good thrifters Warren took Julie and I to Roundtop for ice cream. It is my favorite Maine Ice cream. I introduced Julie to ginger ice cream, which we both got, justifying it as an antioxidant. By the time we had our ice cream the day, which had started out grey had brightened up. We laughed and told stories on the Porch of Roundtop looking out over their sunflowers.

Sadly we had to day goodbye to Julie and head back to Owls Head. As Warren pulled his plumbers van into our driveway it started sprinkling and the fog had rolled into the harbor. This was the first time I heard the fog horn.

Just two days left to ensure I pack in all the Maine things. The time is just too short.

One Comment on “Time Is Too Short”

  1. beth says:

    sounds like such a fun trip, minus the creepy dolls )

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