Hug Your Pets

I’ll start with the good news, Shay is fine, but we had a little scare after dinner tonight she suddenly started crying and could not straighten out her back. Carter’s friend Estelle, who arrived today, immediately started looking for emergency vets as we were trying to access what Shay had done.

Russ and Carter took her off to the mid-coast emergency vets and while they were waiting to be seen Shay’s back relaxed and she seemed back to normal. The vet said she just made one wrong move that caused the spasm, now she is going to have to take it easy. It was scary, until she felt better.

She got better while waiting for the vet

This was not the way the day had been going. Carter and I got up early and went to the Belfast farmer’s market. The growing season in Maine is short so farmers have to make a much as they can when the tourists are around and will pay top dollar. I was happy to help the local community.

I asked one guy selling goat cheese how his day was and he replied, “ I live on a farm with lots of goats and get to make cheese, what could be bad.” I think it was this man’s second act and it was beautiful. Farming is hard work and we need younger people to be able to make a living at it.

After our big adventure out we came home to wait for Estelle’s bus to arrive from Boston. It was very late due to Labor Day traffic. We are going to do our best to stay close to home this weekend as there are a lot of festivals meaning a lot of traffic. That and we need to keep Shay calm and relaxed at home.

Earlier in the day Shay giving Carter the “wha’ up”

There is no more helpless feeling than your dog crying and you can’t fix her. Hug your pets tonight.

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