Camden Day

Not surprisingly Russ is working way to much in Maine. The plan was for him to get away from day-to-day work so he could write, which is for work anyway. Sadly, work has gotten in the way of work and of fun! Today he had a day full of calls so Carter and I went out so he could have quiet.

Carter requested a trip to Camden. I have not stopped in Camden this year so it was a trip for both of us. We first had to visit our favorite coffee shop, Zoot. We enjoyed a delicious morning cafe au lait and gabbed. At one point we were laughing so hard, that I snorted and the couple next to us was getting a laugh out of us. Zoot, like so many businesses in Maine this year was suffering from a lack of staff. The staffing issue is compounded by an affordable housing issue. I suggest that the companies that build for- profit dorms do the same things for seasonal workers in places like Maine and Nantucket. That way businesses can offer people jobs that come with housing.

After coffee we went to our friend Warren’s shop, #10 Mechanic. Carter got some vintage Pyrex custard cups to use when making her mis en placé. Warren always takes good care of Carter!

After we went in a home decor store that I mistakenly thought replaced my favorite store. When I mentioned something to the owner, who had chosen her plastic surgeon badly, she said, “We have been here 37 years. That’s 30 years longer than that other store.” Now I miss Jo Ellen’s even more, not only did they have the best inventory they had the kindest owner.

Eventually we had lunch at Greens, a sweet little place. As we were waiting I used the restroom and said to Carter, “If their food is half as good as the cleanliness of their bathroom this place is a hit!” It was.

We wound our way home to find Russ still slaving away, not having even had time for lunch. As he was very hungry we decided to go into Rockland to Archer’s on the Pier for dinner. We left the house with Shay crying her head off. We came home to a mad puppy for having left her out of the fun. While we were at Archer’s we had the best waitress, Jilly, who told us she had been a professional waitress for over 42 years. She certainly was a pro. I searched out the owner Lin, and told her that Jilly was the best wait staff we had been served by in two years.

On the way home we took a number of detours to look, at houses. Carter was frustrated by the many private roads we could not drive down. We still had a wonderful tour as the best way to end our very fun day.

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