Packed It In

I am rarely too tired to blog. Yesterday I should have written before Carter and I went to the Elton John concert, but I was too busy to fit everything in. My day started with my High school friend Stori coming into Boston to play with me. We walked from Beacon Hill to the needlepoint store off Newbury st. We hadn’t planned on spending as much time and other kinds of spending there, but we did. It is amazing how much a needlepoint store can fit into a tiny space. I was happy to see they had my Friend Karen’s Tout Le Monde canvases there.

After our fill of needlepoint we walked down Boylston to Atlantic Fish for a lovely lunch. From the looks of the people dressed in suits it feels like the business crowd was back. All this walking was not great for my bursitis. I had been doing so well, but Boston seems to be bad for my right leg.

After Stori time I had to go join Carter for our adventure to Gillette Stadium to see Elton John’s final farewell tour. We took back roads to get there and had no trouble at all. It was a packed house. Elton did not disappoint. He came on stage at 8:09 and we sang and danced until 10:30. He mostly played songs the whole stadium sang to, with a few exceptions that actually gave me a chance to sit down.

About 9:30 it started raining and the whole crowd stayed and sang in the rain. As is the case with big stadium shows the leaving is the worst part. I limped through the rain with Carter to our zip car where we sat for an hour until it as our turn to exit the parking lot.

We could not take the back roads home because we were not allowed to turn off route 1 so we stayed in the traffic of the 65,000 concert goers and took the highway back to Carter’s. It was after 1:30 before we got in and making the five flight climb to Carter’s apartment was a killer. My good daughter dropped the car off and walked home uphill herself!

It was well after two before I could go to sleep and was awoken at 6:30 due to the lack of curtains in Carter’s sunny living room where I was sleeping on her pullout couch. I dozed on and off until 8:00.

Carter and I went down her hill to Charles st. for breakfast and a little plant shopping before I set off for the airport. I was ready to get a good nap on the plane, and I almost did until the pilot came on and told us we were not going to be allowed to land because there had been a plane accident at RDU. Russ was flying home from Philly at the same time I was and I panicked that it might have been his plane.

I texted him and got no response, so I texted three friends at home to see if they had seen anything on the news. Before they could give me a definitive answer Russ texted asking if I was OK. Turns out it was a little plane, which went off into the grass.

All good. We are home together with Shay. I am going to sleep very early. Tomorrow is a new adventure.

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