Waiting Room Abuse

We had an unplanned visit to the er tonight. A friend had an accident and I was the one called. Thankfully the friend is fine.

The bad part was sitting in the waiting room with a very loud TV blaring. Most of the people waiting had kids and were in a separate waiting room. So it was just me and Russ waiting.

I said out loud to Russ, “I wonder if we can turn the sound off?” From out of the blue the woman who man’s the door, who was two rooms away, came in and said. “Other people are going to be coming in to watch that.”

“Oh, I thought this was a Hospital, not a TV showroom.”

She went back to her post. As she did I noticed this sign saying “This is a healing environment.” It went on to mention what abusive behavior is. I wish I had a sharpie to add “loud noise” to the list. The show that is blaring has Simon Cowell on it. I think I could win in court that it is an abusive noise

I hope that the door watching women does not feel abused by me. I’ve hardly gotten started.

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