Everyone Needs A Dog

I don’t understand people who don’t like dogs. Yes, someone might have had a scary encounter with a dog when they were young, but that can be worked out. When Carter was five we were at some friends house and their dog snapped at her. Thank goodness it did not have any long term affects.

Russ has been away on his longest business trip in years. Rarely is he away on a weekend, so this has been a real exception. My weekdays are busy and booked in advance, but I usually try and leave weekends open for Russ. So when I found out he was going to be away I purposely left the weekend free so I could hang with Shay.

I had some plans with her, but then the rain and my still hurt leg kept us at home. Shay does not like to go outside when it’s raining or even wet. I have had to force her to go out to potty, which she does under protest.

So the two of us have had one big snuggle fest. She has taken to staying in bed until noon, regardless if I am in bed or not. When she does get up she will have a little bit to eat and then hang with me as close as possible. So when I was doing laundry she helped by carrying the socks down stairs. When needlepointing, she’d sit next to me acting as an armrest. When I was processing the garden harvest she stayed on her kitchen bed supervising. Shay is quite disappointed I don’t raise chickens because she much prefers that to cucumbers.

You are never alone if you have a dog. Everyone should have one. It would make people much kinder if they treated everyone the way their dog treated them.

Every once in a while Shay would stand at the top of the garage stairs and look down, hoping Russ was coming through the door. I wonder if she will wake up the second he comes in tonight. She may have been the perfect companion for me, but I am still second fiddle for her.

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