My Acknowledgments are Way Behind

In the last few weeks there have been a lot of lost loved ones of friends of our. One family unexpectedly lost their beloved son. Another good friend lost her darling husband whom we adored. Another friend lost her father, who we knew and loved and we missed the visitation. As well as an additional friend who lost her father. A close friend unexpectedly lost her mother. Then our sweet friends lost their Labrador Retriever who was a big member of their family and the community with a loyal Instagram following.

It feels like these losses are coming closer together than usual. I am behind on appropriately expressing my condolences and checking in on friends. I am hoping that everyone else can keep your loved ones safe and sound. I need to catch up on chicken making and letter writing and if another friend has a loss I may never catch up.

On a positive note, our friends whose child was diagnosed with cancer this summer has officially beat it’s butt and is cancer free now. So there is a need for a serious celebration and recognition of seven really hard months being behind them. Can I get a parade started?

For now, I feel like I am an inadequate friend. Please know if you are having one of life’s major events I am acknowledging it in my mind and will certainly let you know how much I love you and are thinking about you very soon.

2 Comments on “My Acknowledgments are Way Behind”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Dana; sadly my dear wife Sandra passed on Jan 23rd. Even though she had suffered greatly in the last year aisnd her pain is over I am still devastated. Stuart

    • dana lange says:

      Oh Stuart I hate hearing this news. Sandra was such a fun and kind lady. I am sorry she suffered as I am certain you did along with her. Sending you and your kids hugs and prayers. I hope your happy memories hold you tight through these days

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