Best At Home Men’s Shopping Ever

The best relationship Russ got out of business school was the one with his custom clothing salesman Rob Butler. Russ bought his first couple of custom suits from Rob who brilliantly advertised at the business school. As a very tall man Russ has trouble buying off the rack. Rob was the answer. Who knew that 26 years later Rob would still be the very best source of perfectly fitting beautiful clothes for Russ.

As work life has changed Russ no longer needs suits, but beautiful shirts are more important than ever since that is all anyone sees on Zoom. The customer shirts Russ has gotten from Rob have always been his favorites. Rob’s lines have the most sumptuous fabrics and being able to chose the collar styles, if you want pockets or monograms, button color and now even the thread color that holds the buttons on makes each shirt a work of art. That is all before you get a fit that is tailored made. Russ has such long arms but not very big wrists so a custom made shirt makes a world of difference on him.

The best part is the speed of shopping. Rob showed up today at our house, like he always has, right on time, and Russ had picked out his new clothes and was remeasured and done in half an hour.

The new item Russ is trying out is some custom made five pocket pants made out of gabardine. Since most places don’t sell pants long enough for Russ, Rob’s offerings are a godsend. I can’t wait to see how these turn out, with contrasting stitching and rivets like jeans, but a big step up.

Now that Russ has been remeasured I can do some secret shopping for gifts in the future. I am not sure if Russ would ever have anything other than shorts to wear if it weren’t for Rob Butler. Thank goodness for that first meeting in business school. This 26 year long relationship is one I am so thankful for, especially since Russ’s favorite pink shirt he got from Rob ten years ago just got a hole in it at the collar. In five weeks Russ will have a new one, but this one will be fitted a little more because styles have changed and Russ is so stylish, thanks to Rob.

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