Tell The Truth

I know the supply chain is broken. I know getting workers is hard. I know that Covid has cut down on how many workers are showing up to work. I try and be understanding. So when I ordered some fabric from one of my regular online places I shop at I took note when it said, “all orders are taking an average of 5-8 days to ship.” I got it.

As the days passed from the day I ordered I would check the status of my order… unfulfilled. It was one item that didn’t need cutting and one that had to be cut. It was a big order in terms of dollars, but not in terms of work for them. Unfulfilled. Yes, I am unfulfilled. I need my fabric.

Today, was day eight from the day I ordered at 9:50 in the morning. Unfulfilled. You have to be kidding me. Not even “in processing”. Unfulfilled means, “We aren’t even thinking about it.” It’s not even close to “label created for shipping,” or “awaiting pick up,” let alone “shipped” at which point it is at the mercy of the the GD FedEx Ship Point, or Smart Post or whatever crappy shipping that Fed Ex has become.

So, tired of being unfulfilled on day 8 I did the chat option with Kristin in customer service. Well, those 5-8 days (as advertised,) Kristin said were 5-8 business days. NOT THE SAME THING! Come on people. Say that on the View Cart page. Don’t bait and switch.

Kristin did say that my items were in stock so maybe give them until the end of the week or early next week to ship it. “But don’t quote me on that.” Kristin, Honey, you are an online Chat customer service rep, you wrote that, it’s in writing. Not only do I have a picture of it, you can’t hide that you said it. The beginning of next week will be 13-15 days (actual days, like you had on the view cart sales page) since I placed the order. That is more than double what the expectation for shipping is.

No Kristin, I’m not outing where you work, or are going to call the company and complain. I canceled the order. I drove to a store and bought what I needed. I am never going to order from your very large business where I have spent thousands of dollars ever again. I know that times are tough right now, but you never should have lied at the ordering point that it was 5-8 days. You should have said there and then that it was five to eight BUSINESS day, then maybe I would not have been so mad when you actually took 10-12 BUSINESS days. But you knew that I mostly likely would not have ordered from you at all if you told me the truth at the ordering point because 12 days to process and seven days for mailing was never going to work for me. I could have woven the fabric faster myself.

Thank goodness that some local retail Mom and Pop shops still exist. They may have the last laugh.

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