Please, Leave Instructions

I’m back with my Mom in the land of no Internet and an over abundance of condolence food. There are just three of us here and people bring food for forty. Since my parents just built this house I don’t know where anything is and neither does my mother. Unfortunately my father did not communicate the things like where all the keys and remote controls are.

I know that in every couple there is one person who does some things and another who does the rest. The problem when you lose one unexpectedly no one knows how to do all the things they used to do. Please, someone write down all the information for all the things you do, like change the filters in the furnace or who you call to jump the dead battery for the Kabota.

When I get finished with my mother I am going home and start a log so Russ and I can keep track of these things. I know the name and phone number of our plumbers, but I don’t know if Russ does. He knows the tire pressure for the Morris minor, but I don’t. Neither of us know exactly what medication the other takes. I certainly don’t want Carter to have to try an figure things out by herself.

My father made sure I had his DNR and medical power of attorney, sending me a new one every year. My mother even found a note in his wallet about his not being resuscitated if he was found lying on the ground. With that kind of fore thought I wish he had left more instructions. I am unable to down load any user manuals since the internet here is like 4 mbps. The only thing we can do is eat some food someone brought us and pray we figure everything out.

2 Comments on “Please, Leave Instructions”

  1. beth says:

    that’s really challenging and certainly makes us think to take action in our own lives

  2. Susan Ketch says:

    I truly feel your pain. My father had money and information tucked away in many banks and with many investment firms. Mother knew only what was in the checking account. BREATHE and do NOT let these to do things take over your joy of remembering your dad or sharing the grief of your loss. You are a remarkable woman and a blessed child if God🙏🏻❤️😘

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