Canada Rules

I hope you have Apple TV, because if you do please watch “Come From Away.” It is the musical based on the true story of the people of Gander, Newfoundland Canada who took in over 7,000 people on 38 flights on 9/11. I watched the film of the musical on 9/11 and it made the heaviness of that day lift off me.

Thirty years ago I was lucky enough to get to work with all the Canadian Provincial telephone companies for two years. Although the headquarters for the work was in Ottawa, my specific role meant that I got to visit every province at least four or five times. Some places I went to more often. It was never a hardship to have to go to Vancouver, or Toronto. Those cities are still some of my favorite places, but there is nothing like Moose Jaw.

I got to know lots of really wonderful Canadians. Some I am still in touch with today. One of my favorites, Stuart Wright from Bell Canada, even invited me to have dinner at his home and meet his family. Since then he and his wife Saundra have come to our house on their way to play golf down south. One of my clients in Calgary made sure to schedule my work with her during the stampede so she and her husband could take me to see what life there was really like.

I went to St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland a couple of times, but never got to Gander. They gave me a bottle of Screech, a local favorite, and I never had the heart to tell them I had given up drinking long before. I think they might not have trusted me if I told them that. But the people In St. John’s were a fun group.

Watching Come From Away I felt like I had met all those people before all over Canada. It made me miss going there. I feel very lucky that I had those years there. I pray that if the tables were turned and we had to welcome a large group of strangers we could be half as hospitable as the people of Gander.

Watch the musical. It is a treat, with great music, but mostly a story about kindness that we all could be reminded of right now.

2 Comments on “Canada Rules”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Oh My! To be singled out as one of Dana’s favourites (Cdn. spelling) is high praise indeed. When I first met Dana, oh so many years ago, she struck me as being ‘One of the most unforgettable characters I ever met’ from the Reader’s Digest series. We were delighted to host her at our home a couple of times and my then young adult offspring were privileged to meet her and to listen to her views on a wide breadth of topics. Her perspectives on customer service have never changed nor has her desire to make the world a better place. Her infectious sense of humour (Cdn. spelling) and ability to voice her opinions directly but without malice make her a unique individual. Her blog allow us to follow her life vicariously and it is our perspective that in her own inimitable way she makes her community a much better place. There will always be room for you in our home and our hearts Dana. Warmest Regards: The Wrights

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