Re-embracing Masks For The Long Term

Yesterday I read an article that there was a study done on four major U.K. transportation systems checking the surfaces on trains, buses and escalators for Covid. The study found that there was no Covid on surfaces, meaning it is safe to touch things.

More and more evidence shows that Covid is transmitted through air droplets that get right in your nose. So wearing masks is absolutely your best way of protecting yourself in tandem with the vaccine.

Masks are not that big a deal. Health care professionals have been wearing them all day at work for years. I am happy to wear my mask when I go to public places. I am just happy to get to go places. Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and without any kind of mandate or requirement every person in the place was wearing a mask.

Not only is the mask protecting us from Covid, but also the flu and the common cold. Seems like a no-brainer to me that we stop fighting it and just get used to wearing the mask. As long as children can’t get vaccinated we have a huge reason to be a good example and not make a big deal about wearing it.

The FDA is going to try and approve the Pfizer vaccine for full approval by Labor Day. The reason it is taking so long is they have to write all the logistical rules about transporting and storing it for regular doctor’s offices. The approval has little to do with making sure it is safe. They have two million data points about the safety already. It’s just about doting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the paper work.

Once that approval is done then employers can mandate it and we can get on with making a vaccine a requirement to live a normal life and those who refuse can be banned from anything fun.

Only once we get 85%+ of all people vaccinated can we even consider not wearing masks. Don’t fight it. It protects you and hides any double chins you might have. As for the anti-vaxers who also fight the masks, I have no time for you idiots.

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